International Conference on
Healthcare in a Globalizing World

(Enriching Healthcare Delivery through an Interdisciplinary Approach)


May 4, 5 & 6, 2017

Organized by

Faculty of Health & Biomedical Sciences (FoHBS)

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SYMHEALTH 2017 Tracks

Global Health Conference

Track I: Healthcare Economics & Financing

Healthcare Financing: Global and National Perspectives, from MDGs to SDGs and Financing of SDGs, Financial Regulations, Drug Pricing Policy and Access to Medicines, Government Policies and Interventions, Role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and their network of support to the cause of improved healthcare delivery.

Track II: Healthcare Communications

Health Communication Frameworks, Role of Media in Advocacy, Community Mobilization and creating healthcare awareness, Branding Opportunities in Healthcare, Media Coverage of Health Issues, Healthcare Communication & Social Change, Media Discourse on Public Health, Ethical Dimensions of Healthcare Communication.

Track III: Healthcare Laws

Legal and Ethical responses to Emerging Global Healthcare issues, COPRA & Medical Negligence, Regulations for Healthcare Establishments, Comparative Legal Medicine on Patient Rights and Safety, Medical Ethics, Healthcare Dispute Resolution Mechanisms, Mediation as a mode of healthcare dispute resolution.

Track IV: Healthcare: Engineering Design & Geospatial Applications

Recent Trends in Designing SMART Hospitals- critical issues in Hospital Architecture, Patient Support Systems and Processes, Ergonomics- Assist Devices, Apparel Design in Healthcare, Technology in Healthcare Service Delivery & Geospatial Applications.

Track V: Healthcare IT

IT Healthcare Solutions: ensuring paradigm change in healthcare delivery, Electronic Health Records, Mobile Healthcare Applications, Healthcare Analytics, Health Management Information Systems (HMIS), Health Insurance and Portability Act (HIPPA), Internet of Things (IoT) in Healthcare, Data Security.

Track VI: Healthcare: International Relations

Global Healthcare Systems, WTO: Healthcare Implications for India, WHO and International Health Regulations, Global Health: Disease Threats and Determinants, Healthcare in Humanitarian and Environmental Crises, Healthcare Diplomacy.

Track VII: Healthcare: Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Global and Indian Megatrends and their impact on Healthcare Delivery, Innovation and Entrepreneurship opportunities in India, Successful (disruptive) Healthcare Innovations (case studies), Innovations in Healthcare Operations Management and Healthcare Information Systems, Simulation in Healthcare Education.

Track VIII: Healthcare: Integrative Approach in Indian Setup

Traditional Knowledge and Alternative Medicine, AYUSH, Mainstreaming ISM Doctors, Yoga towards Wellness, Wellness Tourism, Role of University in Promoting Community Wellness, Models of Healthcare Delivery, Primary care in Indian setup, Case study of Successful Healthcare NGOs.

Each Session of 150 minutes will consist of:

  • Introduction by Anchor for each track,regarding overview of the track,profile of speakers and overall flow:  10 minutes
  • Chairperson's opening remarks sharing his experience and expertise relevant to the track: 15 minutes
  • Sub points under each track: 100 minutes
  • Q&A session 15 minutes
  • Session wrap up  10 minutes