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Conference Visa Letter Request

international health conference

Procedure to request an official "Invitation" letter for conference visa application of "SYMHEALTH 2018".

International delegates may need a “Invitation Letter” in order to obtain a conference visa to visit the India. We strongly advise to start the conference visa application process as early as possible. The event organizers will not be able to contact or intervene with Embassy or Consulate offices on your behalf.

Step 1: Login to SYMHEALTH 2018 website and register as International delegate. You are required to pay registration fees. Conference Registration details can be found at:

Step 2: Please send conference visa letter request on On confirmation of your conference registration, an official invitation letter will be issued.

The following information is required before a letter of invitation will be issued:

  1. Name as it appears on your passport

  2. Title/Position (Professor, Dr., graduate student, etc.)

  3. Institutional address

  4. Personal address

  5. Email

  6. Passport number

  7. Date of Birth

  8. You should also indicate briefly which conference track you particularly want to attend, and why?

A letter of invitation is issued solely for the purpose of assisting participants with conference visa applications and/or to obtain funding for their attendance at the conference. Such a letter does not imply any financial obligation on the part of the conference organizers.

All letters of invitation are generic in nature and will be signed and sent via secure PDF format that can be printed out by the delegates. No mailed (postal) letters of invitation will be sent.

Please note that in the absence of the above mentioned information, we will not be able to process your request.