April 26th & 27th, 2024

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Sustainable Healthcare Systems for Population and Planet Health

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Abstract Submission Guidelines


Call for Abstracts: SYMHEALTH 2024

We are delighted to announce the call for abstracts for SYMHEALTH 2024, an esteemed platform for the exchange of cutting-edge ideas and innovative solutions in healthcare. Scheduled for April 26th & 27th, 2024, this conference will gather healthcare professionals, researchers, policymakers, and industry experts from around the globe to explore the latest advancements and challenges in healthcare.

We invite original abstracts (see the submission guidelines) for oral and poster presentations that delve into cutting-edge research, innovative solutions, and best practices in healthcare delivery, management, and technology.

Abstracts addressing the following themes are particularly encouraged:

  • Healthcare Transformation: Novel approaches to improving patient care, healthcare delivery systems, and healthcare workforce development.
  • Technology and Innovation: Advancements in digital health, medical technology, telemedicine, wearable devices, artificial intelligence, and machine learning applications in healthcare.
  • Public Health and Epidemiology: Strategies for disease prevention, mental health, health promotion, pandemic preparedness, and global health equity.
  • Healthcare Policy and Management: Policy innovations, healthcare financing models, governance, and healthcare quality improvement initiatives.
  • Healthcare Education and Training: Innovations in medical education, inter-professional collaboration, and lifelong learning in healthcare.
  • Innovations in Agriculture, Life and Bio-medical Sciences: Biological sciences, Health sciences, Nursing, Sports and exercise science, Nutrition and dietetics, food science, food technology, food processing, and food preservation.

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14th March 2024 Call for abstract submission open
10th April 2024 Last date for submission of abstract
15th April 2024 Communication for Acceptance/Rejection of abstracts

Submission Guidelines:

Abstracts must be no more than 300-350 words.

It must be original and free from plagiarism

Mode of Presentation:

Type of research: Reviews/ conceptual/ empirical/ working papers

Title of Study:

Abstract: [Provide a concise summary of the research study, covering the following key components:]

*Presenting author & Corresponding Author:


Background:[Briefly introduce the context and significance of the research problem.]

Objective:[State the specific aim or objectives of the study.]

Methods:[Describe the study design, methodology, and data collection techniques.]

Results:[Present the main findings or outcomes of the study.]

Conclusion:[Summarize the implications of the findings and their significance in the broader context of the field.]

Keywords:[List 3-5 keywords or phrases that capture the essence of the study.]